You might be wondering what fine art wedding photography is and how it is different to any other kind of wedding photography. Wedding photography is classified in two main categories, there is the fine art style and there is the photojournalism style.

The key difference between the two categories lies in the intent of the photographer. The photojournalist is much like a fly on the wall. They capture the events that unfold before them with minimal input into the images they produce. The intent of the photojournalist is to capture images that are real and authentic.

On the other hand, the fine art photographer is intentional about expressing their own creative vision in an artistic and expressive way. I started as a photojournalist, but I later became a fine art photographer, and here’s why…

When I first started photographing weddings in 2010, I was a photojournalist. At the time, I was still familiarising myself with how weddings worked. I was always on my toes, trying to remember the timing of the bride and groom getting ready, when the ceremony would start, and then the location photos, and then the reception, and all the photos I had to take on my shot list. There was a lot I had to try and remember. I just wanted to be able to capture every moment without missing anything! After all, a wedding day only happens once and it’s such an important milestone in a couple’s life. Documenting each moment was everything to me.

Fast forward a few years, I had photographed over a hundred weddings, and I could remember every shot I needed like it was second nature. I had the timelines etched into the back of my brain and I’d also ironed out all the kinks in my workflow. Everything ran like clockwork on the wedding day. That’s when I realised it was time for me to take my wedding photography journey to the next level.

Prior to becoming a full-time wedding photographer, I studied 6 years of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Melbourne. I had also worked in the field for another 6 years before transitioning to wedding photography. During my time as an Architect, I would start each project by speaking to my client about their needs. I would come up with a design concept with their input and draft up plans that were thoroughly refined. As I was designing the spaces, I was always considering how people would feel when they experienced the space in real life.

I’m thankful to have learnt valuable skills as an Architect, which have helped me to become a better Wedding Photographer. I’ve applied the same principles, wanting to evoke certain emotions in my work through a well thought out and rigorous design process.

While in my earlier weddings where I acted like a fly on the wall on the wedding day, I’ve since discovered my own voice as an Artist, and I wish to provide the very best artistry to every wedding and couple I work with.

As a fine art wedding photographer, I’ve spent over 10 years honing my craft. I want my photographs to be drenched with light, with a soft impressionist feel that is reminiscent of Monet’s timeless paintings. I’m incredibly excited when my clients hang my filmic prints on their living room walls, each piece an exquisite work of art that complements the sacred architecture in which they live.

I believe that photos are an ever-present reminder of the love that people share. The intrinsic beauty in them can elevate a space and make it truly feel like home. There is nothing more wonderful than the intimate love between two souls, and in the future, when it is shared with their precious children as a legacy of their love for one another.

If you’re searching for a fine art wedding photographer, I’d love to share your story.

xo, Lena