At the time, I was working as a Landscape Architect in a 9-5 office job. While I loved the creative aspect of being a Landscape Architect, I was so intrigued by the romance and joy that weddings brought. I started photographing weddings on weekends. It was always such a thrill! Every couple was unique, and every love story an inspiration! But I was scared to take the leap towards my new passion.

On the 3rd of March 2015, my whole world turned upside down when my dear friend Elizabeth tragically passed away in a snowboarding accident overseas. I learned from this loss that once a moment is gone, it can never be brought back again.

As I grieved, I poured through our photographs together, each one bringing back a wonderful memory of our time spent together. I’m so thankful that we had some professional photos taken which forever honour the memory of how beautiful and lively she truly was.

Out of this life altering loss, flowed a renewed sense of purpose. I announced my resignation as a Landscape Architect and pursued my calling as a wedding photographer whole heartedly. Since then, I have devoted myself to hand-crafting beautiful photographs that become heirlooms for couples and families.

Making tangible memories is my life’s mission.

They are not only photos, but legacies of love. For even when we are gone, our photos will continue to live on, telling the most endearing stories that our children and their children will cherish forever.

I’d love to tell your story.


I choose both film and digital formats as my artistic medium because it forces me to slow down and be more present in the moment. I believe we should all slow down and appreciate the timeless beauty that surrounds us. My art is conceived in a palette of ethereal pastel colours which capture fine detail in a beautiful light. Soft and painterly impressionist photographs are my signature style.

Lena Lim Photography video

I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.

Vincent van Gogh