Our Love Story

Lena and Sam

I met the love of my life under a sky of glimmering fireworks. It was Friday the 30th of July in 2010 at the Melbourne Docklands harbour. We had both joined a photography club with our friends from university and we were excited to capture the brilliant display. Bright sparks of pink, yellow and blue burst into an array, shimmering joyfully across the night sky.

I saw him with his camera in hand. A tall, dark and handsome man with a wide smile on his face. I introduced myself and we spoke briefly, he seemed very impressed with my camera. We snapped away, capturing the dazzling night show as it ignited a tiny spark inside of us. We headed off to a cafe after the show, chatting about our love affair with cameras and what joy photography brought us. That was the day I will never forget, the day when Sam and I met.

Lena and Sam

Our curiosity for life, nature and people has led us to explore the world through our camera lenses. Taking us to France, New Zealand, Netherlands, US, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Spain and more.

We celebrated our special day in 2017. We were inspired by Monet's romantic waterlily paintings. It was a celebration of love, nature, life and the four seasons. That day all of my dreams came true...

xo, Lena Lim

I have found the one whom my soul loves

Song of Solomon 3:4